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Being an abstract painting artist, I aim to reach the exciting compositions by just managing the colors, platforms and lines without utilizing the appearances of the living things, nature and objects. With the tough art, there is a possibility to create impressive and mind-blowing expressions using colors, shapes, lines, etc. While browsing On My Wall, I remembered the importance of understanding that you can use different colors to create an abstract painting. For a clear understanding of the concept, I will compare the abstract painting with that of a music composer’s ability to express his or her feelings through a song using independent notes.

What is Abstract Painting?

Abstract painting is a form of painting that is done using simple geometric shapes and a dash of colors. The ultimate beauty of this type of painting lies in the inability of the viewers to comprehend the message that is conveyed via the artwork. The viewers have to use their own imagination to relate their ideas and feelings to the painting and give it meaning. There are famous abstract painting artists who used complex geometrical patterns along with vibrant hues to convey their idea by means of the painting. The main way to express the thoughts in this type of paintings is the usage of shapes and colors.

Learning Abstract Painting

Well, when it comes to learning the techniques involved in abstract painting, there are several ways. The first thing that you need to know is to let your imagination go wild in order to express your thoughts in the form of an abstract painting. This is how I started my work as well. The advantage is that there is complete freedom in expressing the ideas by means of any color or shape.

The best way is to learn the art from other artists by knowing how they do the abstract painting. When you take a look at my works, you can question how a particular painting was created to get the idea and achieve the effect in the pictures in an effective manner. Once you get to know these ideas, you can use these techniques to great your unique style of abstract painting.

As you do this process for a few paintings, you will understand that each artist will follow a different method, how the painting can be done on canvas and the different tools that are used to create an abstract painting. Keep in mind that you cannot just copy another artists’ style as you need to develop your own style that is based on the tips related to the abstract painting given by me or other artists.

Tutorial Guides to Learn Abstract Painting

Those who want to learn the art form of abstract painting with latest forms of expression can browse for the tutorial guides. I keep updating my knowledge on the same by browsing for the latest tutorials. Also, there are specific guides with the simple tips and techniques that are aimed that the beginners. This way, you can come up with your own unique style and techniques. There classes will help you to get motivated and inspired to develop your original, creative and individual art.

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